If You’re Reading This (Drake) font

image of the official If You’re Reading This (Drake) font

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late is the name of a music album that was dropped unexpectedly by Drake in 2015. The album contains elements of hip-hop and R&B in a mixtape format. It caught fans off guard when it was first released, but swiftly climbed charts, featuring hits like “Energy” and “Know Yourself”. The album was a commercial success with audiences all around the world, and solidified Drake’s standing as a dominant force in modern hip-hop.

When it comes to typography, the album’s cover features a distinct handwritten style, compellingly captured in the replica font known as With My Woes which was created by the design team over at OJ Customs. This typeface, with its cursive, hastily-scrawled characters, conveys an intimate, urgent tone that echoes the album’s enigmatic release. The character map for this font contains a full set of uppercase and lowercase glyphs. Are you looking to incorporate a similarly evocative Drake feel into your own projects? This font, free for personal use, offers you the freedom to recreate that vibe in your designs, from gritty graphics & images right though to captivating logos.

Go ahead and dowload your very own copy of the If You’re Reading This font using the button below. Extract the TTF font, right click to install it … and now you’re ready to start desiging.


If You’re Reading This (Drake) font generator

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