Indie fonts

Indie fonts are synonymous with creativity and individualism, often featuring unconventional design elements such as irregular strokes, unique slants, and playful serifs. These fonts, usually accessible in TTF or OTF formats, benefit from quirky kerning and sometimes even hand-drawn aesthetics. They evoke feelings of originality, whimsy, and a touch of rebellion, making them a hit for creative agencies, independent film posters, or even small-business branding. Their adaptability also makes them great for social media graphics, merchandise designs, or any project that aims to stand out from the mainstream. Browse our diverse lineup of indie fonts to bring a fresh and unconventional vibe to your next project.

Looking for more? We've got plenty of other options for you. In fact there are 15 Indie fonts in total to choose from. And the best part is that they're all completely free to download. Check them out below:

preview image of the Indie Summer font
preview image of the Indie Flower font
preview image of the IndieStar BB font
preview image of the Indie Queen font
preview image of the IndieFest font
preview image of the Indieutka Pixel8 font