Initial fonts

These initial fonts are best suited for creating invitations for formal events like a wedding, recognition ceremony, baptism and christening ceremony, or official corporate events. They are elegant and aesthetically pleasing, which is why these fonts are popularly downloaded among our users. They blend very well in any artistic concept that you may want to apply in your projects. Other than formal occasions, such characteristic also makes them perfect for posters, logos, or artworks.

The use of this lettering dates back to the 19th century. Their popularity has grown immensely during the early years of the industrial revolution as brand labels and logos. If you’re looking to use them for commercial purposes, then you can download our fancy initials fonts completely free. Also, the letter style is defined by its clean and straigth lines that make them excellent for any formal gatherings like the ones mentioned and corporate events.

Qua Nauticale font by Paul Lloyd
Zallman Caps font by David Rakowski
Carmen Caps font by Harold's Fonts
Cheshire Initials font by House of Lime
British Museum 1490 font by CloutierFontes
Monogram Veg font by Rusdin Alfareaniy
Masonic Tattegrain font by Daxad
Bulged Monogram font by Vladimir  Nikolic
Acorn Initials font by Dieter Steffmann
TrajanusBricks font by Manfred Klein
Behrens Antiqua Initialen font by Typo-Graf
Arabesque Initialen font by Dieter Steffmann
BD Renaissance font by Streetwise Software
Aafia Capitals font by Vladimir  Nikolic
Decorated Roman Initials font by Dieter Steffmann
16th Arabesques font by GLC Foundry
Pompei font by Yves Michel
Beholder Capitals font by Vladimir  Nikolic
Diamondgrams font by Woodcutter
AnnStone font by Dieter Steffmann