Intel font

image of the official Intel font

The Intel font that is used in the official logo for the world’s largest computer chip manufacturer is a typeface by the name of Neo Sans. It was designed and created by a font author known as Sebastian Lester, and was distributed by the Monotype corporation.

Details about the Intel brand

Intel is a world-renowned American company that produces semiconductor chips and other computer parts. It was founded by Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce on July 18, 1968, The Intel company is based in Santa Clara, California. Gordon E. Moore is a scientist who is known for the law that bears his name, discovered the law while working at Fairchild Semiconductor while Robert Noyce a physicist, co-developed an integrated circuit, which made computers smaller and faster they both left Fairchild semiconductor to start a new firm. The founders of the new organization initially called it NM Electronics, which stood for Noyce and Moore Electronics, indicating their primary field of activity.

Typeface in use on the Intel logo

The Intel logo has undergone a redesign, with the oval swoosh being removed. The rounded shapes of the ā€œiā€ and ā€œlā€ were replaced with squarer ones. This added stability and helped convey the message that the product was reliable and would last a long time. This typeface has a sleek, tailored look with wide sans-serif letters. Its corporate color is blue. Recently it has been given a touch of black. Aside from its well-known graphic emblem, Intel also has a sonic logo. The company commissioned Austrian composer Walter Werzowa to create the jingle, which is performed on a modified xylophone.

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