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Planning to make a website in Japanese or want to create graphics with text in Japanese? Here is the solution for your concern! It works by encoding English into Japanese language within seconds. Now, you don't need to worry about learning Japanese to write in it. All you need to simply write or past the text in English and let the Japanese Font Generator do its job. Along with it, you can also free to choose the color of your text as per the graphics of your website. It also allows you to choose a font size and background color. Click on the generator button and get your image ready to download and use!

If you are looking for even more cute fonts from Japan like this, I definitely recommend that you take a look at our Japanese fonts home page. Here you will find a total of 225 fonts with a Japanese theme. Using the generator tool below you can create Japanese calligraphy as well as Japanese brush designs. Choose your font below to get started.

Japanese Font Generator Tool