Jeep font

image of the official Jeep font

The Jeep font that is used in the official jeep logo is a typeface by the name of Helvetica Bold. This font was created by Max Miedinger, who lived and worked in Zurich, Switzerland. Helvetica is regarded as being the most popular typeface produced during the 20th century. There are a total of 36 styles in the full Helvetica Font Family.

You can download the file from Linotype the official publisher of font via the link below:

get Helvetica Bold font

About the Jeep font and logo lettering

The Jeep automobile brand derives its name from the type of off-road, sport utility vehicle that they specialize in. Jeeps were originally designed for US military use in the second world war, and the term Jeep was thought to be derived from the military name for these vehicles, which were referred to as Jeep, or general purpose, vehicles. Auto-mobile maker Willys Overland Motors, who made these vehicles for the US military, copyrighted the “Jeep” name after the war, and today the brand is owned by Chrysler. Jeep sales peaked in 2016, at 1.41 million units sold globally for that year.

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