Lobster font

image of the official Lobster font

The Lobster font was first designed and created by Pablo Impallari back in 2010. Lobster is a playful, script typeface that’s become a go-to choice for anyone looking to inject a casual, yet refined flair into their design. A bold,serif font with a brush-like quality, it captures the essence of hand-lettering, complete with eye-catching ligatures and tail variants. Despite its free-spirited aesthetics, Lobster is meticulously crafted, featuring a series of complex OpenType features that adapt the font based on the text it’s applied to.

An interesting point to note about this font is that while its ubiquity in modern web design has led some to deem it “the new Comic Sans,” Lobster continues to be a darling of hipster culture and small-business branding.

Click on the button below to get going with your free Lobster font download. This typeface comes in a TTF format, and is completely free to use for all personal uses. Now it’s over to you and time to get creative with this cool font.


Lobster font generator

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