Luigi’s Mansion font

image of the official Luigi’s Mansion font

Luigi’s Mansion is a much loved video game developed by Nintendo and spearheaded by Hideki Konno. It first spooked players with it’s release to general gaming community back in 2001. In a departure from the usual lighthearted Mario universe, the game stars Luigi as he explores a haunted mansion to rescue his brother Mario. A fun fact: it was one of the launch titles for the Nintendo GameCube, showcasing more eerie and atmospheric gameplay than typically seen in Nintendo titles. That’s something that I definitely did not know before today! LOL.

The logo lettering for Luigi’s Mansion employs a font that looks a lot like the Delfino typeface by PFRA. This font doesn’t lean into the cursive or flowing style but rather strikes a balance between casual and serious, offering a playful yet eerie vibe that complements the game’s tone. The font has a mid-weight style, and also employs a traditional kerning which lends it a straightforward readability while subtly channeling the creepy atmosphere of the haunted mansion setting. The green coloring used in the logo design only adds to the scary vibe of this design. For those fans of this fun video game, the Delfino font is an excellent choice to create your own unique Luigi’s Mansion inspired images and graphic designs. Grab your copy of this cool typeface below, and start getting creative!


Luigi’s Mansion font generator

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