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image of the official Moana font

The Moana font that was used in the Disney film is most similar to a freeware font called Moanas font. This typeface was actually created by an author who goes by the name of JoannaVu (full name: Ioanna Ladopoulou). Over the years, Joanna has created and released several different free typefaces, however her Moana font has been the most successful to date.

This lovely font is a near replica of the original Moana lettering from the hit Disney animated move. It contains the same distressed strokes as you see in the original, swirls and flourish on the letter “O”, as well as a full suite of uppercase, lowercase, numerals, and punctuation characters. It comes as a TTF font file. Below is a preview image of what the font looks like when it is installed on your local computer (PC or Mac).

Moanas comes with a freeware license which therefore allows you to use it for all non-commercial applications and projects.

About Moana and Font Lettering used

The 56th Disney Animated Feature Film goes by the title Moana. The 2016 film relates the story of Moana and her quest to reunite a mystical relic with the goddess Te Fiti and save her people. Moana has certainly been popular amongst children and adults worldwide as the film has grossed over 690 million dollars since its release. In addition, Moana has been nominated for and won many awards including Best Animated Feature in the 2016 Women Film Critics Circle.


Moana font generator

Synonymous as being the prized daughter of chief Tui, Moana is a classic Disney animated movie. Bring your creative designs to life by the using the following Moana Font Lettering application to create interesting images and logos.


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