image of the official My Hero Academia font

Last Updated: 03 November 2022

The name of the font that is used in the My Hero Academia logo lettering is a typeface by the name of Futura Display. It was created by the font author Paul Renner, and the font package includes a total x39 different styles and related typographic options.

Futura is a professional and fully commercial font. If you want to use it in a commercial application you need to head over to the distributers website where you can purchase a license. However, if you just want to test out the font or use it in your own personal projects, you can try out our font generator tool below.

About the My Hero Academia series & Logo Lettering

My Hero Academia is a Japanese animated series that was created by Bandai Namco Studios and debuted in 2016. The font is used in the Nintendo 3DS console game. Based on a popular manga series by Khei Horikoshi, it is set in a fictional world where all but 20% of the population are born with superpowers. The main protagonist, middle schooler Izuku Midoriya, is part of the powerless minority. In a dramatic twist of fate, he becomes the inheritor of the powers of the world’s greatest superhero and realizes his dream of attending a school for superheroes. The lettering used in the My Hero Academia logo uses a very distinctive urban and strong stroke.


My Hero Academia font Generator Tool

Create a manga-inspired image that is reminiscent of a Japanese superhero using the My Hero Academia Font Generator tool below. Experiment with different colors and sizes to get the exact look and feel that you want.


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