Mythbusters font

image of the official Mythbusters font

The name of the Mythbusters font which looks most like the lettering from the logo of this hit TV series, is a typeface of the same name simply called Mythbusters.

The show was so popular that most people could recognize it by the Mythbusters font alone! The brush script style font is a mix between the wanted dead or alive style font and a carefree style. This bizarre mix works incredibly well, it really helped symbolize what the show was, messy! The Mythbusters team was never afraid to get their hands dirty and that vibe really comes through in their typeface. The damaged lettering and uneven font thickness really make it a one-of-a-kind style that is still used to this day even though Mythbusters finished back in 2018.

About the Mythbusters typeface

Mythbusters was an incredibly popular program. It was something between a documentary and a science experiment! Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage and several other hosts went above and beyond to test out hundreds of theories. Whether it was seeing how easy it is to shoot fish in a barrel or the effectiveness of various weapons from the past, this show thrilled fans all over the world. Explosions, crashes, molten metals, you name it, the show featured pretty much everything you could imagine! The reason behind the show was simple. Testing random ‘facts’ to see if they were true or not, hence them being called the Mythbusters!


Mythbusters font generator

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