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The National Basketball Association (NBA) font that is used in the official logo for the men’s North American basketball competition is a typeface by the name of Helvetica. It was designed and created by a font author called Max Miedinger.

Alan Siegel created the NBA logo in 1969, which features Jerry West’s iconic white silhouette against a red and blue backdrop. The legendary LA Lakers basketball player has contributed to the NBA’s visual identity for over 50 years. The NBA logo underwent a redesign in 2017 that only altered the lettering style, leaving all other components untouched. An authentic sans-serif typeface was used for the current badge’s inscription, which had crisp edges and precise cuts. The letters’ shapes were also narrowed and had thinner lines. The logo is written in a specialized type that resembles Helvetica Pro Black Condensed.

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Details on NBA branding

The National Basketball Association (NBA) is a North American professional basketball league established in New York City on August 3, 1949. The Basketball Association of America, established in New York City on June 6, 1946, merged with the competing National Basketball League to form the NBA. The history of the NBA’s visual identity could be divided into two significant periods: the early years, from the association’s founding until 1969, and the modern era, from 1969 to the present. The NBA has had five different versions of its logo over the years, all of which have a strong basketball connection and reflect the organization’s mission.

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