Ninjago font

image of the official Ninjago font

The name of the font that is used in the Lego Ninjago TV series and movie is a typeface of the same name called Ninjago. The font was in fact created by the notable type designer Lgino Marini, with the initial release to the public being on the 6th of August in 2017. It comes as a TTF font file and is therefore fully compatible with Mac and PC computers and laptops.

In keeping with the original Ninjago logo design, this font includes only Uppercase characters (and Numbers). Using this font you will be able to install it on your computer, and then use your favorite graphic design application (e.g. Photoshop, or even MS Word) to create and interesting and a unique Sensei Wu inspired image.

About Ninjago

Ninjago is a Lego-themed television series that was produced by the Lego Group. The inspiration for the show is from Lego’s own line of toys that bears the same brand name. Ninjago was the brainchild of Tommy Andreasen and Michael Hegner. It first aired in 2011 and was initially branded as Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu until it was renamed Ninjago in 2019. The plot revolves around six teenage ninjas that vowed to protect the world from evil and dark forces.


Ninjago font generator

The good news is that you don't neccessarily need to download and install this font in order to see what it looks like. If you prefer, you can simply use our Ninjago font generator tool below to test out the font, see if it fits your needs. To get started, select the font, enter your preferred text, select size and colors, hit the Generate button .. and then BOOM ! ... your image will be available for you to dowload. You can then import the image into your favourite graphics application for futher image manipulation if you so desire.


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