NIVEA font

image of the official NIVEA font

The Nivea font that is used in the official logo for this well-known German manufacturer of body-care products is a typeface by the name of Eagle Bold. It was designed and created by a font author known as Morris Fuller Benton in 1933.

About the NIVIA brand

Nivea moisturizer has been around since 1911 when it began its impact on the moisture market. Despite changes in scent, the formula hasn’t changed. The name Nivea Crème is derived from the Latin adjective that means snow-covered or snow-white. Developed by Dr. Oskar Troplowitz, Nivea was created through pharmacy science. Lanolin’s emulsifying and moisturizing properties were identified as Eucerit by Dr Troplowitz. Since 1911, Beiersdorf has brought a standard design language to its NIVEA line of products, which now includes some 500 products.

Typeface used in the official Nivea logo

There is no doubt that NIVEA’s logo is easily recognizable because of its Sans Serif text type, which is white and always placed on a dark blue background. As part of the logo, the serious-looking text is combined with soft, smooth lines, reflecting NIVEA’s commitment to improving the silkiness of the skin of its customers. All text is uppercase, and the logo consists only of text.

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