image of the official PANDORA font

The Pandora font that is used in the official logo for the Danish jewellery designer and retailer is a sans-serif typeface by the name of Optima. It was designed and created by a well known font author known as Hermann Zapf in 1958.

Pandora company and font design

Founded in 1982, Per and Winnie Enevoldsen transformed a local Danish jeweler into an international jewelry company that sells its products in more than 100 countries. The company expanded rapidly from a Scandinavian position into an international marketing and sales platform, primarily through third-party distributors and strong production capabilities in Thailand. PANDORA’s mission, both then and now, is to inspire women worldwide by providing them with high-quality, hand-finished, contemporary, and genuine jewelry at affordable prices, encouraging them to be themselves. PANDORA celebrate these moments. Women have unique stories to tell – a collection of special moments that make them who they are.

Typeface used in the Pandora logo lettering

The Pandora logo flaunts an elegant purple and white theme, written in a sleek sans serif typeface and adorned with a small crown with three parts. The word Pandora is written in uppercase to make a bold statement about the brand, giving a feeling of strength and boldness. The symbol of a crown has been carefully placed above the “O” in the word Pandora. This symbol is a gentle reminder that Pandora offers elegant and high-quality genuine jewellery, equivalent to that made for royalty. The quote used within this intricate logo is “Unforgettable Moments”, symbolic of the time spent and memories made with loved ones.

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