Pantera font

image of the official Pantera font

The name of the Pantera font that looks most like the original lettering used on their album cover, is a typeface by the name of Shredded. It was created by a font author by the name of Tracer Tong. It was first released in October 2014.

Like all good bands, Pantera has its own font. The font is big and bold and each letter is capitalized. The font has what you could call scratches across the lettering making it look like it has been painted by hand in a hurry. This typeface has become a well-known symbol among heavy metal fans all over the world. As for the band itself, Pantera has released 4 compilation albums, 4 EPs, and 18 music videos. And if the rumors are to be believed then there may be more music on the horizon.

About the Pantera typeface

Pantera is a heavy metal band that formed in Arlington Texas back in 1981. The band has sold around 20 million records globally. With songs like Cemetery Gates, Cowboys From Hell, and Mouth For War, it goes without saying that this band isn’t particularly popular within the Christian community! But that didn’t stop them from becoming a globally renowned heavy metal band. The band has won numerous awards over the years including a Kerrang! Hall of fame award. The band split up in 2003 due to tension between some of the band members. However, there are whispers of the band getting back together for a tour in 2023.


Pantera font generator

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