Pepsi font

image of the official Pepsi font

The Pepsi brand is well-know for being the SECOND most popular cola soft-drink in the world. The official Pepsi logo uses a custom designed wordmark logo. For lovers of this iconic fizzy drink you can create your own Pepsi logo with the replica typeface by the name of Pepsi font which was lovingly created by Jakub Degarski. To create the round pepsi logo icon using this font simply select the ! apostrophe character.

This is a freeware font, which means that you can freely use it for all non-commercial purposes.

There is a complete set of uppercase and lowercase glyphs included with this free Pepsi font.

About this font

Pepsi is an American soft drink brand that was first sold in a drugstore in 1893. Officially renamed Pepsi-Cola in 1898, it has gone on to become one of the world’s most popular beverages, holding almost 25% of the US market share. Pepsi Cola contains two grams of sugar more than its biggest competitor, Coca-Cola, accounting for a slightly sweeter taste that its customer base finds appealing. The carbonated drink also introduces a citrusy burst of flavor with every sip.


Pepsi font generator

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