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image of the official Perpetua font

On the page you can download yourself a copy of the iconic Perpetua font for free. With its unique blend of elegance and sharpness, the Perpetua font finds its home within the serif font family. Celebrated for its distinct vertical emphasis and refined detailing, this typeface has long been a favorite among typographers, book designers, and anyone with an appreciation for classic typography with a touch of modernity.

It was initially designed and created by famed type designer Eric Gill in the 1920s. Perpetua’s design carries hallmarks of the period’s architectural and artistic movements. An interesting fact about this typeface is that the name “Perpetua” was inspired by the early Christian martyr, Saint Perpetua, reflecting the typeface’s enduring and timeless quality.

The Perpetua font family includes the following x4 style, slant and weight variants (note: both of these included in the download zip file below)

  • Regular
  • Bold Italic
  • Bold
  • Italic

For those users who currently use a MS Windows computer, Perpetua’s presence might be recognizable, as it comes istalled by default. It’s become an immensely popular font over the years due to it offering a seamless blend of old-world charm and contemporary design precision. From intricate body text to evocative headlines, its versatility is undeniable.

If you’re a fan by the timeless allure of Perpetua, feel free to grab yourself a copy via the download area below. Please also keep in mind that the Perpetua font is made available for download for Personal Use only.


Perpetua font generator

Use our free Perpetua font generator tool below to create your own custom design logo or image. Enter your text, select a font, choose a font size, and pick your favorite colors. Hit the Generate button and your logo/image is created and ready to download.


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