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image of the official Peter Pan font

The latest version of the movie Peter Pan delivers a fresh take on J.M. Barrie’s classic tale, featuring Jeremy Sumpter as Peter Pan and Rachel Hurd-Wood as Wendy Darling. Set in the fantastical realm of Neverland, the film explores themes of eternal youth and courage. The movie enjoyed moderate box-office success, further ingraining the story into modern pop culture. In 2023 a new version and updated was created and released called Peter Pan & Wendy.

In the film’s promotional material, the logo lettering is evocative of the Baker Signet typeface, a design choice that splendidly captures the movie’s magical and adventurous tone. Conceived by the well regarded font author Arthur Baker, the typeface’s flowing characters and measured font weight convey an air of timeless elegance. Also included in the download package is another replica font by the name of Tinker Bell. The character set of both these fonts contains a full suite of uppercase and lower case glyphs. They’re both presented in a TTF format, which ensure maximum installation compatibility across both PC and Mac computers.

If you’re inspired to bring a dash of Neverland to your own work, this Peter Pan font will allow you to design and create enchanting logos and graphics – just like the movie! Both of these fonts are free to use for personal use only.


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