Peugeot font

image of the official Peugeot font

The Peugeot font that is used in the official logo for the French vehicle manufacturer is a sans-serif styled typeface by the name of Castle. It was designed and created by a font author known as Steve Jackaman and published via the URW Type Foundry.

About the French Peugeot brand

Peugeot is a French brand of automobiles owned by Stellantis. Founded in 1810 as a steel foundry, Peugeot made hand tools, kitchen equipment, and bicycles. Peugeot applied for the lion trademark in 1858. Armand Peugeot and Léon Serpollet built a steam tricycle in 1889, followed by a Panhard-Daimler internal combustion car in 1890. Peugeot was founded in Sochaux. A recapitalisation plan approved by PSA Group shareholders in February 2014 saw Dongfeng Motors and the French government acquire 14% of the company. Peugeot has won several international awards, including six European Car of the Year. Peugeot’s racing heritage spans over a century, with titles such as five World Rally Championships, seven Dakar Rallys, three 24 Hours of Le Mans, two World Endurance Championships, and two Intercontinental Le Mans Cups.

Peugeot logo and typeface used

Peugeot’s logo, which has white text on a gray background and an image of a lion on it, stands out as a powerful, recognizable symbol of Peugeot products and brand recognition. A Sans Serif Font is used in this logo, and these two elements combine to create a serious-looking logo that reflects the brand’s nature. A lion’s teeth symbolize the strength and sharpness of the products. As well as this, the logo is completely in uppercase letters, giving it a lot of attention to it.

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