Phantom Of The Opera font

image of the official Phantom Of The Opera font

The name of the Phantom Of The Opera font that is used in the logo lettering for this famous musical is a typeface called Phantom CO. It was created by Cassiel Oliviari who is a font designer from Canada. An interesting point is that it was created using the Font Creator 5.0 software tool, using Times New Roman as the base. This font was first published by Cassiel over on the Deviant Art website back on 18 July in 2005. Since then, the font has been more than 70,000 times and downloaded more than 17,000 times. This is surely testament to quality of the font and how closely it aligns to the original design.

This font is a near exact replica of the one used in the original Phantom Of The Opera musical. It fact, the author of this font noted that he had seen it being used in an actual Phantom stage performance. There is a jaggered and cracked appearance in this font just like the original version. You can use this typeface to create a Phantom Of The Opera logo of your own design.

It comes with a Free For Personal Use license so you’re good to use it pretty much however you like. To get started, click on the green download button below.


Phantom Of The Opera font generator

The good news is that you can create your very own Phantom of the Opera image without having to install the TTF font above. Enter your text, select a font, select a size, choose your colors, and then click Generate. Your very own Phantom image will rise from the catacombs beneath the Paris Opera House and will be available for immediate download.


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