Planet Of The Apes font

image of the official Planet Of The Apes font

The name of the Planet Of The Apes font that looks most like the lettering from the original movie logo is a typeface of the same name called Planet Of The Apes. It was created by the well known and much respected font author Jens R. Ziehn.

This font comes with a Freeware font license – ie. it can be used freely for all non-commercial purposes. It comes in a True Type Font (TTF) format.

The inspiration for the Planet of the Apes font comes from the 1968 film’s opening title sequence. The font is meant to capture the feeling of a distant, strange world where humans are the slaves of apes. It is perfect for science fiction and fantasy stories where you must draw your audience into a foreign and unfamiliar setting. You can also use it to create a sense of unease or foreboding as if something sinister is about to happen. It’s great for making unique and memorable headlines for your social media and other physical projects.

About the Planet of the Apes typeface

In the 1968 science fiction film, Planet of the Apes, a U.S. astronaut named George Taylor crash-lands on a planet ruled by intelligent apes. At first, Taylor assumes he’s still on Earth and that the strange creatures around him are just mutants or monsters. But soon enough, he realizes that he’s been transported to a distant world where humans are the slaves of apes. The movie debuted to mixed reviews but was a massive box office success. It spawned four sequels and was later adapted into a television series. Its most successful sequel was the second film in the series, Beneath the Planet of the Apes, and its special effects and make-up garnered awards.


Planet Of The Apes font generator

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