Pocahontas font

image of the official Pocahontas font

Introducing the wonderful Pocahontas font! Poker Hunters is the name of a typeface that looks very similar to the lettering that was used in the official Pocahontas movie logo. It comes with a Free For Personal Use license. The strokes on this font are distressed and altered just like the one in the original. It was designed and created by the team at YourFonts, and was released to the general public on 19 January 2009.

Grab you copy of this exciting TTF typeface by clicking on the link below.

About the Pocahontas typeface

Pocahontas was a Native American woman of the Powhatan tribe. She is the daughter of Powhatan’a chief that governs the areas along the tidewaters of Virginia. Her story has captivated millions of people, which led Disney to create an animation based on her. Disney released their Pocahontas film on June 16, 1995. However, it is not based on actual historical events. During its premiere, the movie was able to generate a decent amount of profit of over $346 million.


Pocahontas font generator

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