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image of the official Pontiac font

The Pontiac font that is most similar to the official official logo of the car manufacturer of the same name is a typeface by the name of Good Times. This font was designed and created by the profilic font author Ray Larabie, and distributed via his Larabie Fonts foundry. It was first released to the general public under a Freeware Font License agreement in November of 1999.

Included with this free TTF font are a full suite of Uppercase and Lowercase letters, and well as Numeric and a limited set of Special Character glyphs. Below is a preview image demonstrating the different design options available:

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Pontiac Regular

Another font that uses the same name as this vehicle manufacturer is one that goes by the name of Pontiac Regular. It was designed and created a French font foundry called S&C Type in 2019. The members on the design team for this release include Fanny Coulez and Julien Saurin.

This font is presented in a Sans Serif style, and comes complete with a total of 8 different variations including:

  • Pontiac Regular
  • Pontiac Regular Italic
  • Pontiac Light
  • Pontiact Light Italic
  • Pontiac Bold
  • Pontiac Bold Italic
  • Pontiac Black
  • Pontiac Black Italic

You can download all of these fonts via this link here.

About the Pontiac typeface

Originally a manufacturer of horse-drawn carriages, Edward Murphy founded the Oakland Motor Car Company in 1907 in Pontiac, Michigan, when he foresaw that the future would be “horseless.” Because of this, he and a car designer worked together to build a small two-cylinder car, which was rejected by Cadillac. Two years after the setback, Oakland introduced four-cylinder cars with sliding gear transmissions and got absorbed into General Motors. By 1926, the company produced Pontiac, a six-cylinder car that would sell for the price of a four-cylinder. Pontiac sold like hotcakes and became the top-selling six-cylinder vehicle in the United States. In the ‘60s, the brand upped its game by creating sportscar models.

If you are looking for bold uppercase lettering for your science and technology project, then you have come to the right place! An ultramodern techno display typeface, the Pontiac font gives off a scientific and funky feeling that brings life into your art pieces. It is unique with its disconnected strokes, and its stable letters and thick, clean lines make it legible and flawless when put on presentations, social media posts, postcards, calendars, business cards, t-shirts, flyers, brand logos, and many more. Explore the Pontiac font now and turn your designs into a winner in more ways than one!


Pontiac font generator

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Pontiac font In Use

Listed below are a few examples of the Pontiac font in use demonstrating different lettering, logo color and style variations:

image of pontiac-logo-lettering-1.jpg
image of pontiac-logo-lettering-2.jpg
image of pontiac-logo-lettering-3.jpg
image of pontiac-logo-lettering-4.jpg

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