Premier League font

image of the official Premier League font

The English Premier League (EPL) font that is used in the official logo for the top level English football competition is a typeface by the name of Radikal. It was designed and created by a font author called Nico Inosanto.

Since the logo’s inception in 1992, the lion emblem has already been present. It was not, however, the similar lion as with the latest iteration. The animal in the current logo appears more three-dimensional. It features a stylized lion’s head in a crown positioned to the wordmark’s left side. In a title case, a refined sans-serif typeface with original lengthened shapes and straight letter-line cuts is used for the epitaph. The new logo’s font is nearly identical to Nico Inosanto’s Radikal Bold. The current model is deep purple and white, although an inverted copy may be used for darker backgrounds. Although it is the first emblem without a red and white football, it preserves the original look and feels, demonstrating solid ties to the past.

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About the English Premier League (EPL) brand

On February 20, 1992, the Football League First Division clubs decided to leave the Football League to capitalize from a remunerative tv rights sale to Sky. As a result, the Premier League was established. Officially known as The Football Association Premier League Limited, it has now become the top level of the English football professional league for men. With a promising TV audience of 4.7 billion people and a Livestream in over 210 territories, the Premier League is the most popular sports league ever.

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