Purple Rain font

image of the official Purple Rain font

The name of the font that is used in the Purple Rain movie and album logo (featuring the music star Prince) is a typeface by the name of Still Time. The author of this excellent font replica is a designer by the name of Ray Larabie, who owns and operates the Larabie Fonts company from Ontario, Canada.

This font was actually used on both the Album (released on 25th June 1984) and the Movie (released on 27th July 1984) of the same name. Both the album and movie achieved critical acclaim, and the logo became widely recognised as a result. You can get a sense for the look and feel of this font (True Type font, currently at Version 1.0) by checking out the preview image below.

About the Purple Rain movie and Logo Lettering

Purple Rain is the sixth studio album released by musician and pop culture icon Prince. Released in the summer of 1984, the album was at the top of the Billboard charts for six months and stayed there for a long time. The album release showcased full band performances by the acclaimed singer, songwriter, and guitarist with his backup group, the Revolution. Purple Rain is consistently ranked in global best-selling albums lists. It also earned Prince Grammy awards for various categories.


Purple Rain font generator

When Doves Cry was one of the biggest hits of the 80's and came from this album. Now you too can recreate the look and feel of this album by using our Purple Rain Letter Generator below. It's quick and easy to use, and in no time you will be able to create a realistic image in respect to the album that Rolling Stone magazine dubbed "one of the best rock albums of all time". Get started below:


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