Rae Dunn Font

image of the official Rae Dunn Font

The name of the Rae Dunn font that is used in the lettering on her clay mug designs is a typeface by the name of Cami Rae. It was created by the design team over at CraftyThings and was first released in January 2022. Another font that is also very similar to one that is used in her original pottery designs is a typeface by the name of The Skinny. Justine Lazo is the author of this particular font, and has distributed it via her Jusebox font foundry.

A common use for these free Rae Dunn fonts is in designs produced via the Siloutte or Cricut cutting machines. Alternatively, many graphic designers around the world also use these free fonts in Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator to create unique designs that can used in websites, logos, t-shirts and posters.

Cami Rae font

Rae Dunn font preview

In our opinion the Cami Rae font is that one that looks closest to the official designs by Rae Dunn herself. Using this tall handwritten font you can create designs on measuring cups, coffee mugs, canisters, and even dog bowls! It comes in both a TTF and OTF font, which means that you can use it in many different design applications.

This is a freeware font which means that you can only use it for Personal Use designs only, if you would like to use in a profressional capacity please speak with the original font author for further details. Uppercase and numeric characters are included in the free version, however lowercase letters are only included in the commercial license version.

Please also note that this version only include the Uppercase and Numeric character glyphs. If you would like get a copy that has the full suite of characters (including Lowercase and Special Characters) then you will need to upgrade to the Premium version. It comes in both TTF and OTF file format.

The Skinny font

This free version of this font comes in two different weights – Regular and Bold. The Skinny is a font that looks like the official Rae Dunn font. It was designed by an American font author known as Justine Lazo. It is a very similar free font to the typeface described above, but as the name suggests, it is even more thin and elongated. You can use this as an alternative where you want to portray a sophicates and classy look and feel, whilst still retaining that classic Rae Dunn font form for which it is best known.

Possessing opentype file format, this typeface can be used in a variety of different applications. We feel that this handwritten script font is best utilized in designs that incorporate short and snappy headlines, as opposed to large blocks of text. My favorite use of this font is to apply the Regular to a piece of headline text, and then use the Bold version sparingly to apply emphasis to selected words.

The font license on this Rae Dunn style font is stated as being Free For Personal Use, so you are good to go using it in all of your own craft projects. If you would like to use it for any commercial use, please get in the touch with the font author for details.

Preview image of the Rae Dunn font file

How & Where to use the Rae Dunn style?

If you’re an avid crafter like me, then the Rae Dunn typeface is going to be your favorite handwritten typeface to use in your cutting machine of choice. I recently upgraded from the Cricut Joy model to the new and improved Cricut Maker 3. Some of my favorite Cricut crafts that I’ve recently created with these are mugs and ceramic pieces for the bathroom and kitchen.

Many of my graphic designer and crafting friends have used these typefaces to create really intersesting greeting card and t-shirt designs. If you take the time to experiment with different styles and font sizes, the output that you can get from these free fonts can be very impressive.

Other fonts that you can use in cricut to get a similar look to the original are typefaces by the names of:

  • DTC Shiplap
  • DTC Porch Chair
  • BFC French Bread

To get up and running with any of these free fonts, simply copy and paste these file names into the Cricut Design Space search box in Cricut and they’ll be displayed to you. Using these sans serif fonts you can start your design journey to create you very own Rae Dunn inspired design.

Using either of these typefaces discussed above, you can replicate the classy yet formal designs as the original pieces that you find online.

All About Rae Dunn

Rea Dunn is an female artist who currently lives and works in the San Francisco area of California (USA). Whilst she is known as a talented painter, her true claim to fame is as a designer and producer of pottery. Her clay designs have become immensely popular of late on various social media platforms. Her most popular clay products that are available on her website include: cups, plates, bowls, vases, as well as various sculpture pieces. All of them feature the destinctive Rae Dunn style for which they have become well-known for.

Download your copy

We have conveniently packaged up both Cami Rae and The Skinny font into a single download package. Click on green download button below to grab yourself a copy now:


Rae Dunn Font generator

If you would prefer not to download and install either of these Rae Dunn inspired fonts, you can use our letter generator tool instead. To get started, simply select your favorite font (there are x3 to choose from!), pick a background color, and choose your preferred font color, and then hit the Generate button. Your very own unique designed Rae Dunn logo image will then be automatically created for you. From there, all you need to do is Right + Click on the image and then save it to your computer. You're all set then to use it in all of your favorite art and craft projects.


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