Red Bull font

image of the official Red Bull font

The font that is used in the Red Bull logo is a typeface by the name of Futura SH. It was created by the internationally renowned font author Paul Renner and was released to the general public by creative team at Scangraphic Digital Type Collection. The Red Bull product management team made some small modifications to the letters R (Red) and B (Bull) to give it a unique and distinctive appearance.

The download file below includes a total of x14 different Red Bull font variations that you can use to replicate the exact design used in the original logo. To get started, click on the download button below.

get Futura SH font

About the Red Bull logo and brand

Red Bull is an Austrian multinational company primarily known for its energy drinks. It was founded by Dietrich Mateschitz in 1987. He says that the name of the product was inspired by another energy drink sold in Thailand called Krating Daeng. Dietrich modified the recipe to better suit the taste preferential of people in the west. Red Bull currently holds the highest market share among energy drink brands around the globe-selling over 7.5 billion cans yearly.

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