image of the official Reddit font

Last Updated: 18 November 2022

The Reddit font that is used in the official logo for this community discussion website is a sans-serif typeface by the name of VAG Rounded. It was designed and created by a font designer known as Gerry Barney.

Reddit typeface & branding

Reddit is a social media website created in 2005 with the sole focus of becoming “the front page of the internet”, a goal that it’s kept up to today. Currently, Reddit boasts an impressive user base of over 50 million unique and active users worldwide, placing Reddit as the 10th most popular social media platform along with big names such as Twitter, Facebook, and even Youtube. Although smaller compared to the other social media giants, the platform has still achieved its goal of being the front page of the internet, often being a reliable source of news and sometimes being on the news itself.

Font used in the Reddit logo design

Created by Alexis Ohanian, Reddit’s logo uses an orange, black, and white color colorway for both the icon and the accompanying title text. The company’s most notable iconography has to be Snoo the alien, Reddit’s own official mascot. Snoo was created as a representation of an open community that sees neither gender or race, but is instead filled with curiosity. This natural curiosity is represented by Snoo’s antennae and even the orange dot on the letter “I”. Reddit’s typeface is lowercase and rounded, giving a sense of softness and warmth. Reddit’s logo does an amazing job at fostering a sense of community and charm that welcomes everyone.

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