Birthday Templates

By Jamie on 31 July 2022

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If you have no design skills or artistic abilities, do not worry, our birthday templates have different tools and designs to help you. We have an array of ready-to-use templates with stunning graphic designs like birthday balloons, colorful streamers, foods, and more. Our templates allow you to save time just searching for the best designs. It is so easy to use, allowing you to create beautifully designed birthday cards and invites just like a pro.

These birthday cards and invitations are readily accessible in most formats like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. This makes it relatively convenient to download and print them. You can also edit and change them to have the design you have always wanted, and share it with others in just a matter of minutes. From blank canvasses to our millions of creative assets, you have unlimited choices leading to that special occasion to choose from. So go ahead and start using our templates, and experience it yourself.

Sports Birthday Invitation

Step up your kid’s or spouse’s birthday treat by adding his or her favorite sports to the invitation. Aside from the usual colorful balloons, streamers, party favors, and cakes, a sports-themed invitation is spot on. This is one of the most popular birthday templates today as more and more kids are into sports or dream of becoming a player one day. You can edit it and ask their guests to come in their favorite sports attire. Basketball, baseball, football, name it, we have it. Our sports birthday template is supported by Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The orientation for this template is a portrait and has a dimension of 4 x 6 inches, and the file types are AI and PSD.

Vintage Birthday Celebration

Looking to celebrate your or your loved one’s birthday? What better way to spice it up than by creating the perfect party invitation to ensure that your friends and family can celebrate it with you. If you fancy those vintage-themed parties, we have exactly the template for this party. Our Vintage birthday celebration template will surely bring back those yesteryears. Simple rustic text and colors adorn this template. The size can fit in an 8 x 11inches space and is supported by Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The file types are PSD and AI. This is so easy to use that no special skills are required to use this template.

Baby Birthday Invitation

Having a baby is really something to be proud of. And when his or her first birthday is about to come, expect a big party will follow. To make it even more memorable both for you and the baby, a baby birthday invitation that you can customize and edit is here. Create and design the best invitation for your baby even if you don’t have the skills to do it. Our template is so easy to use, just encode the text, add pictures, and images like balloons, cakes, streamers, and confetti, and you are good to go. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator support this template, the file types are AI and PSD and come in 5x7inches dimensions.

Birthday Flyer

Regardless of the age, you want to celebrate your birthday with, our birthday flyer template will definitely make that special day more memorable. Our template is easy to use with lots of tools and beautiful graphic designs to choose from. From a classic birthday flyer to a cute kids’ birthday flyer, we can guarantee that this easy-to-use template can announce your celebration to a 10. It is widely supported by most apps and can be saved through PSD and AI files. You can also edit the color, image, and text when before printing out the design you have chosen.

Birthday Invitation

One of the most sought-after birthday templates is our birthday invitation template. Just like most of our templates, this too is supported by Adobe and Illustrator, file types are AI and PSD, and the orientation is also a portrait. The dimension for this template is 5x7inches, and its color is really attractive to kids and young ones. The text, image, and colors can be edited allowing it to suit your preferred taste. You can add more gifts, balloons, cakes and more to it. This template is perfect for toddlers and young kids, although this can also be used for your teens or for those who prefer to stay young.