Photoshop Gradients

By Spencer Samaroo on 24 July 2022

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Photoshop Gradients has to be one of the coolest features of the Photoshop application. Allowing you to create a gradual transition across two or more colors through its Gradient Tool, this gradient can be applied to any given area you select on an image or background. If you do not select an area, the gradient then is applied to the whole layer. Many designers who already have a clear idea of what colors to use, make their gradients with a specialised tool. Outlined below is a selection of some really cool ones which have been developed by studios and graphic designers from all over the world.

You can use these gradients for everything from text overlays, graphics and album covers, to social media stories and posts, banners and branding. Even the product images in your e-commerce store or your printed business cards can be brought to life with gradients. The high-quality versions featured below can take your designs to the next level. So be sure to click on any of the names that interest you below for further details about any of them.

Acidify Gradient Maps

Based in Paris, Studio Dusk are a small studio that makes high-quality assets for creatives and designers. Their range of Acidify Gradient Maps is great for any design professional to have on hand. Taking the form of 100 exotic and acid gradients maps that will really enhance your work, these gradient maps make your work very easy to do in Adobe Photoshop. They can be used on pretty much every type of image you are working on with just a few clicks and the great thing about them is that all your effects are not final. So you can always revert back to your original image at any time. These gradient maps also come with a preview board which makes for easy comparison whilst you work.

Retro Gradient Maps 200+

Designed by Lilithcollageart, a graphic designer and collage artist who also specialises in creating AR Filters, this pack of 200 Retro Gradient Maps is a terrific way to change the dynamic of an image. It’s a fantastic tool to use to create filters on Instagram, Facebook or TikTok, as well as product images on CM. Moreover, if you have projects that involve creating album covers, movie posters, or other types of branding, backgrounds and typography these photoshop gradients will help you do that slickly, efficiently and an a very eye-catching way. Along with the 200 maps, you also get a PSD example in this pack, as well as 10 bonus desktop wallpapers!

Koloranz Gradient Maps

Made by FLYERWRK, a super talented team of designers and artists who lovingly make artwork out of their passion to create, Koloranz Gradient Maps is a collection of 120 eye-catching and colourful gradient maps that have been designed for use on Photoshop. These maps are great to use in poster designs, abstract art, for your social media accounts and also album covers, as they can help you to create impressive artworks that feature bold, engaging and striking colors. This product requires a minimum of photoshop CC 2021 to work. It also comes with 120 gradients, 10 dust and scratches, Photoshop Action and 24/7 Support.

99 AntiGradients are a great team who makes digital products that enable you to create stunning designs in just 60 seconds. One of them is this awesome 99 AntiGradients pack which takes the form of carefully crafted gradient maps which facilitate the creation of stunning and vibrant graphics. You can use them for social media, abstract art, poster designs, album covers or anywhere else where you need dramatic and vivid visual effects. Included within the pack are 5 Photoshop Texture Patterns, as well as a .PSD example file, which is great if you are a relative newcomer to the workings of Photoshop.

Pastel Gradients

Creativetacos™ is a shop that is geared towards creative professionals who make mouse-made and handcrafted design goods. Their Pastel Gradients product takes the form of a mix of soft, gentle and colorful pastel gradients that would enhance any project you are working on. This includes graphics, text overlays, business cards, branding, canva backgrounds, product images, social media, banners, posters and much, much more! These photoshop gradients come in a GRD format and are compatible with Adobe Photoshop CC or higher versions. It features premium quality gradients as well as on-trend contemporary designs, that will really breathe new life into your digital artwork.