Scratchy fonts

28 Days Later font by Filmhimmel
Action of the Time New font by Galdino Otten
Action of the Time font by Galdino Otten
Heavy Metal Box font by imagex
Chicken Scratch AOE font by Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute
Chalk Scratches Rough Bold font by halofandi
Dust Scratches font by dcoxy - Greg Medina
Bad Paintjob font by Samyuli
Basic Scratch font by Xerographer Fonts
PW Scratchy font by Peax Webdesign
Scratch Night Team font by Woodcutter
Asphaltic Scratch Rounded font by Billy Argel
Doctor Scratch font by Xerographer Fonts
DJB Monkey Scratches font by Darcy Baldwin
Dark Underground font by junkohanhero
Andalusian font by The Original 19
3D Noise font by Alf Nielsen
BA Wet Paint font by Bradley Askew
Clean Scratch font by Xerographer Fonts
Astounding news font by imagex