Skinny Font Generator

image of the official Skinny Font Generator

Your own custom slim and thin looking designs are possible with our free online skinny font generator tool. Did you know that skinny fonts tend to use a slim pen style of lettering, which makes them a popular choice for those looking to create an almost diary style of writing. Skinny fonts have been used as long as we humans have been writing. Now, thanks to the digital age, our skinny font logo and lettering tool, you can create your own skinny typeface and use it on your own projects. This font style is great if you are looking to display text in a casual and laid-back way. Skinny fonts have been used to create comics, letters, and even websites. There’s no shortage of uses for a skinny font.



Skinny Text Generator

Ok, it's time to get really creative now! Take a look at our (free) skinny text generator tool and see how incredibly easy it is to work with. You can create your own skinny graphic or logo within a matter of minutes. All you need to do is input your desired text in the text box below. Then select your preferred font style as well as font size. Pick two colors, one for the background and another one for the font itself. Then hit generate. Now your font is ready to be downloaded and used wherever you like. Whether you use it to create your own online blog, a poster, or anything else for that matter, the design is yours to keep forever.


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