Slack font

image of the official Slack font

The Slack font that is used in the official logo for this business communication software is a typeface by the name of Hellix. It was designed and created by the design team at Type Design and Typography Studio.

About the Slack brand

Slack is a widely used internal communications app, often used by work teams and departments for the sake of collaboration. Though it is widely used these days, not many know that Slack was just a byproduct of another invention. Stewart Butterfield, creator of both Slack and Flickr, initially developed Slack to help his team of programmers coordinate with one another across large distances during the development of his passion project: a video game called Glitch. Officially released in 2013, Slack has had a steady revenue stream amounting to $902 million dollars with a user base of over 18 million worldwide.

Font used in the Slack logo

Slack’s logo is a creative combination of both professionalism and creativity, which is something that the app itself has an amazing capability of doing. The logo is a combination of chat and speech bubbles that represent the app’s main focus on communication. The colors are also an amusing detail as each color represents a different user within the app, impressively portraying collaboration within the logo itself. The typeface used for the title of the company is Hellix bold, a sans serif font released in 2011 that favors sharp edges over curves. This font choice gives the logo the much needed air of professionalism in the business industry.

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