Slipknot font

image of the official Slipknot font

The name of the Slipknot font that looks alot like the lettering used for the cover of their studio album, is a typeface by the name of Sickness.

The band has its own font. The SlipKnot font matches the band’s appearance very well. This monstrous font is sharp, shaky, and scary. This typeface has become synonymous with heavy metal music, being recognized the world over as a symbol for metal music. SlipKnot has released songs such as Psychosocial, The Dying Song, and Before I Forget. They have sold an estimated 30 million albums worldwide, with more being sold every day. SlipKnot is still touring to this day, doing gigs in sold-out arenas all over the world. Heavy metal music is a genre that keeps growing, some of that growth is directly down to the success of SlipKnot.

About the Slipknot typeface

SlipKnot is a heavy metal band that formed in Des Moines, Iowa. The band started back in 1995 and they are still going to this day. Their combination of nu metal, heavy metal, and alternative metal is something that sets them apart from a lot of other metal bands out there. Something else that really sets these guys apart from the rest is their attire. SlipKnot is known for wearing terrifying masks and outfits, from rusting robots to mythical monsters, the band has thrilled and terrified audiences all over the world.


Slipknot font generator

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