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image of the official Soundgarden font

The name of the Soundgarden font that looks alot like the lettering used on the album cover for this well known American band, is a typeface called Soundgarden Badmotorfont. It was created by a font author known asĀ Jaxkes.

This font was produced by a fan of the band, with the name of the font being a play on words derived from the name of one of their most popular studio albums – Badmotorfinger.

Like all good bands, they have their own font. The Soundgarden font goes by the name Badmotorfont and it’s a solid and bold typeface with all uppercase lettering. It stands out because of its clear but slightly stretched lettering. As for the band, they have accumulated many accolades over the years including two Grammys and an MTV music video award. This heavy metal rock band has sold an estimated 30 million albums worldwide making them the fourth best-selling grunge band of all time, only beaten by Alice in Chains, Nirvana, and Pearl Jam.

About the Soundgarden typeface

Soundgarden was a grunge/heavy metal band founded in 1984 in Seattle, Washington by singer Chris Cornell, Kim Thayil, Hiro Yamamoto, and Matt Cameron. This band is responsible for songs like Fell on Black Days, Burden in My Hand, and Rusty Cage. The band was active until 1997 when they split up, they got back together in 2010, finished in 2018, and returned in 2019 to perform a one-time concert to pay tribute to Chris Cornell who passed away in 2017. Despite no longer being active as a band, they still have loyal fans all over the world who regularly listen to the band’s music, so the legacy of Soundgarden lives on.


Soundgarden font generator

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