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image of the official Spotify font

Welcome to the Spotify Font! The Spotify logo uses a well-known typeface family by the name of Gotham. It falls into the sans-serif category, and the full font packages includes a whopping 66 different font variants. This typeface is available in both OTF and TTF formats, which means that it’s fully compatible with all PC and Mac computers and laptops.

Gotham is a fully commercial font and as such you must purchase a license if you want to use it in a professional capacity. However, if you are using it for personal use only (i.e. school designs, artwork, posters, etc) then an alternative is that you can use our font generator tool below.

About the Spotify font

Spotify is an online music streaming service holding over 30% of the music streaming market. It certainly wasn’t the first music streaming service around, but the company has dramatically changed the way listeners consume music. By downloading the Spotify app for mobile, users can listen to music of their choice in real-time, wherever they go. With an intuitive and engaging user interface, the listening experience is customized according to a user’s preferences and music tastes. Spotify serves the needs of a free user with its “freemium” offer while paid users get to enjoy benefits like ad-free listening. The streaming site currently has 70 million paid subscribers.


Spotify font generator

With over 400 million active users, Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services available today. Now you too can create a stunning design using our Spotify Font Generator tool - to get started simply enter some text, choose a font, and choose your colors. From there jusct click the Generate button to get started.


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