Square Font Generator

image of the official Square Font Generator

Square fonts have been around for quite some time, thanks to the age of technology these fonts have grown to become very well-recognized font styles that have been used across a wide array of areas. Square fonts have been used in logos, invitations, and even as part of artistic design projects and websites. Square fonts are known for being easy to read and fairly uniform in layout. Our square font generator is great for those looking to add some flair to a project. Whether you want something big and bold or small and discreet, there’s bound to be a square font to suit your needs.

Square Text Generator

Our square font generator tool can be used by filling in the boxes below. It’s free and very easy to use. All you need to do is look through our massive selection of colors and select one for the text and another for the background. Then pick a font size and enter your desired text. Hit generate and then you can download your very own square font that you can use on whichever personal projects you see fit. This is unlimited so feel free to design as many different styles are you like, the possibilities are endless. Once you generate and download your font it’s yours to keep and enjoy for as long as you want.


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