State Farm font

image of the official State Farm font

State Farm is a prominent American company specializing in insurance and financial services. They provide a comprehensive array of insurance solutions, encompassing auto, home, life, and health coverage.

The State Farm logo prominently features the company name in red, leveraging the font Frutiger Bold Condensed Italic, designed by Swiss typographer Adrian Frutiger. The choice of a sans-serif, bold, and italicized typeface lends the logo a sense of immediacy and reliability. The vivid red hue captures attention, while the condensed lettering makes the logo easily scalable for diverse applications, from billboards and TV commercials to web banners and printed materials. Adrian Frutiger, the font’s designer, had a celebrated career, contributing a multitude of well-known typefaces such as Univers and Avenir, and his work significantly influenced modern typography.


State Farm font generator

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