STEAM font

image of the official STEAM font

The STEAM font that is used in the official logo for this video game distribution service is a typeface by the name of Motiva Sans. It is a sans-serif typeface created by an author who goes by the name of Rodrigo Saiani. It has been released for wider distribution via the team at Plau.

The Motiva Sans includes 7 unique font weights. For each of these there is a matching Italic font as well (thus giving 14 fonts in total). You can view more information about this professionally designed typeface via.

Below we present a preview image demonstrating the Motiva Sans font in use:

get Motiva Sans font

About the STEAM brand & logo lettering

The Steam video game platform, developed by Valve Corporation, was launched in 2003 as a digital distribution service for PC gaming. Renowned for its extensive library of games, software, and user-generated content, Steam has become a prominent platform known for its sales events, community features, and contributions to the growth of digital gaming distribution.

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