Subway font

image of the official Subway font

Check out this delicious Subway font! The name of the font that looks most like the lettering used in the official Subway logo is a typeface of the same name simply called Subway. It was created Dennis Ludlow and released via his Sharkshock Productions font foundry.

Grab your very own copy of this exciting TTF typeface by clicking on the link below.

About the Subway typeface

Subway is a global fast-food sandwich franchise founded in the US state of Connecticut by then-17-year-old Fred Deluca in 1965, with advice and an initial investment from his college professor. Boasting over 41,000 locations and 29,000 employees around the world, Subway is the largest fast-food chain in the world, beating out even titans like McDonalds and Starbucks. They pride themselves on serving healthy fast-food made with fresh ingredients, and this model has worked out for them so far: The chain brought in over $10 billion in revenue for 2019 alone.


Subway font generator

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