Survivor font

image of the official Survivor font

The name of the Survivor font that looks most like the lettering used in the logo for the famous reality TV series, is a typeface that is simply called Survivant. It was designed and created by the well known Tepid Monkey font foundry.

The Survivor font has been a part of the show since the year 2000, its Tiki vibe mixed with uneven letter coloring is highly recognizable to fans all over the world. This typeface has made its way onto t-shirts, hats, and other fashion accessories. This typeface has proven to be very popular with people who love adventures! The show’s challenges have always been a massive draw for fans. From non-physical ones like survivor auctions and family visits to ones that are more physical like mud pack and air raid, the sheer range of challenges keeps viewers tuning in for every episode. Another big draw that this show has is drama! The fights, the friends, the lovers, this show has it all!

About the Survivor typeface

Survivor is a long-running American TV series with a whopping 42 seasons and more on the horizon! The idea of the show is simple, a group of strangers is placed in a remote or isolated location where they must fend for themselves whilst competing in various challenges. The Survivor series took inspiration from a Swedish TV series of a similar nature. Hosted by host Jeff Probst, Survivor draws between 3 and 6 million viewers on average, which is pretty good for such a long-running program.


Survivor font generator

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