Tahoma font

image of the official Tahoma font

On this page you can download the Tahoma font for free. As part of the sans-serif family, Tahoma is synonymous with clarity, making it ideal for both on-screen and print mediums. With its tight letter spacing and unambiguous design, Tahoma has won over graphic designers, typographers, and anyone keen on legible and tidy typography.

The inception of Tahoma dates back to 1994 when it was crafted by type designer Matthew Carter for Microsoft. Designed with the intent of providing excellent screen legibility, its characters maintain their clarity even at smaller sizes, making it a popular choice for user interfaces. An interesting fact is that Tahoma was named after the indigenous word for Mount Rainier, highlighting its American roots.

The Tahoma font family includes the following x2 style variants (both of which are included in the download package below)

  • Regular
  • Bold

For those navigating the ecosystems of Windows 10 and Windows 11, Tahoma’s familiar presence is hard to miss. From dialog boxes to website bodies, its utility is widespread and appreciated.

If Tahoma’s well-balanced design speaks to your typographic needs, head to the download section below. Just a gentle reminder: this font is curated for your personal design ventures only.


Tahoma font generator

Use our free Tahoma font generator tool below to create your own custom design logo or image. Enter your text, select a font, choose a font size, and pick your favorite colors. Hit the Generate button and your logo/image is created and ready to download.


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