The Godfather font

image of the official The Godfather font

The font used in The Godfather movie logo and poster is very similar to the Corleone typeface. This font was created by the talent typographic design Michael Hagemann in 2001.

This font is named after one of the lead characters in the movie – Vito Corleone. The font includes various accents and flourishes on the end of each individual font letter that are true to the original Godfather poster used in promotions for the movie. There is a full suite of both upper and lower case characters in the font file. Click on the button below to download a copy of this font.

Another popular alternative for those wanting to recreate an authentic Gothfather-like image is to use a font simply known as The Godfather. This particular font was created by author Randombell and was released a long time ago now (over 20 years ago) but still retains its popularity. You can take a look it in action here.

We’ve wrapped both of these fonts up together and put them in a single download file. Click on the link to get your copy now.

About The Godfather movie

Crime films are all over the movies today; before everything else, there was The Godfather in 1972. The movie is based on a book by Mario Puzo, who was also involved in the movie’s screenplay, along with its director Francis Ford Coppola. It is a trilogy that spans from 1945 to 1955. It follows the transformation of Pacino Corleone, son of the notorious Vito Corleone. Pacino was once a family outside but as the movie goes, he turns into a mafia boss. It has won 12 awards since its release.


The Godfather font generator

If you prefer not to download and install this font, you can use our Godfather font generator tool below to create your own mafia inspired logo image. Enter your text, font size, background color (where recommend a traditional black background with white text), and then hit on that Generate Image button ... and you'll now have an image that even Al Pacino would be proud of!


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