The Price Is Right font

image of the official The Price Is Right font

The name of The Price Is Right font that most looks like the letting used for the logo of this popular tv game show, is a typeface by the name of Pricedown. It was created by the design team over at Typodermic Fonts.

This font comes with a Freeware usage license. It can be freely used for all non-commercial usages.

Just like the original logo, it’s presented as a Sans-Serif typeface. It contains all of the same flourishes that you see in the original logo. Of special note is the “R” and “G” characters which both contain the distinctive elongated strokes, which are an exact match of the styling for the official The Price Is Right font.

About The Price Is Right brand & logo lettering

The Price Is Right is a long-running American television game show where contestants compete to guess the prices of various products to win prizes and cash. Created by Bob Stewart, the show first premiered on NBC in 1956 and later moved to CBS in 1972, becoming one of the longest-running and most iconic game shows in television history. Bob Barker served as the main host from 1972 to 2007, followed by Drew Carey, who took over hosting duties in 2007.


The Price Is Right font generator

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