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Commissioned by the Times newspaper in 1931, the Times New Roman typeface is part of the Serif typeface family. It was designed for newspapers and dailies back then but was eventually used by many people. It became so popular that this font is one of the most used typefaces today. If you want to design easy-to-read logos, letters, headers, posters, and school work, then it's safe to say that the Times New Roman font generator tool below will help you. Simply encode your text, choose the right color, adjust the size and image background, and use it for your projects, reports, and brochures.

Our font generator tool below contains x4 different variants of this font. You can mix and max the different font types together with you preferred background and text colors to get the exact design to suit your needs. When you are satisfied with your creation, simply Right Click on the image and then select Save As to download it to your PC or Mac computer.

  • Times New Roman (regular)
  • Times New Roman Bold
  • Times New Roman Italic
  • Times New Roman Bold Italic

Times New Roman Font Generator Tool