College fonts

This page contains an excellent selection of free college fonts. Any of the cool typefaces and font designs will be an excellent choice for that authentic university or collegiate look and feel. We currently have 192 fonts in this section of our website for you to download right now. All of them are completely free for you to use. Be sure to also check out our selections to get a creative collegiate letters font, which are all fully compatible with all design applications. Texas Tech font, the NCAA logo font, and Bape are three of the most popular fonts in this category.

These are also suitable as school lettering fonts, and can also be used in academy, univerity, or for just about any other learning institution where you want to achieve that traditional collage font look and feel. You'll also often see typefaces like these used in American sporting team logos, club leagues, as well as university fraternity and sorority designs. This category of typography reflects collegiate letters font designs from classic learning institutions such as Yale University, Stanford University, and of course Harvard University. So what are you waiting for? Download your choice of campus and varsity inspired fonts below, and start designing your next creation today. Go team!

Varsity font by Brøderbund Software
Freshman font by William Boyd
Big Campus font by imagex
Allstar font by
Jersey M54 font by justme54s
College font by Matthew Welch
Varsity font by
Academy font by Vladimir  Nikolic
Campus font by Billy Argel
Campus A font by Leonard Posavec -
Campus Riot font by imagex

Here are some of our favorite college fonts in action. Get in touch with us via our Contact Us page and let us know which one is your favorite and where you have used it.

Here is our list of most popular collegiate themed fonts, as judged by number of unique downloads over the last month:

  • Academy - a square, outline type font.
  • Allstar - similar in style to Academy, but with a thicker line stroke.
  • Back To School - slightly distrissed typeface, with some rough drawn lines that give it great street appeal.
  • Be True To Your School - thick, black and full face font.
  • Campus - distressed and scratchy. How cool is this one?
  • College - thin and condensed lettering, typical of old-school college jerseys.
  • Collegerion - a uniquely italicised university type font.
  • Freshman - an all-time classic font that will give you that perfect college font. Our top favorite!

Check out this image below which shows each of these typefaces in action: