UPS font

image of the official UPS font

The UPS font used in the official logo for the famous American package delivery company is a sans-serif typeface by the name of FF Dax Compact. It was designed and created by a font author by the name of Hans Reichel, and was published by the FontFont foundry.

About the UPS branding

Originally named as the American Messenger Company, UPS (or United Parcel Service) was established in 1907 by Claude Ryan and Jim Casey. Now an international company, UPS had its humble beginnings in a basement in Seattle with a starting capital of $100. Since then, the company slowly grew outwards, eventually becoming the first delivery company to serve all addresses in America in 1975, and even crossing international borders with its first package shipment to Toronto. But the growth didn’t stop there. UPS eventually branched out into the postal, retail, and even franchising of business service centers.

UPS Logo Typography

UPS uses a sans-serif typeface called “FF Dax Compact”, a font that was created by Hans Reichel. The company also opts to use the abbreviated version of their company name for the sake of memorability and ease of branding. The brown and gold colors used in the UPS logo give a sense of regality to the delivery service, promoting their image as a premium delivery service. SomeUPS makes use of the shield icon both as a brand identifier, and also to emphasize their goal of safe and secure package delivery. The shield is also accented by an extended golden curve in the trim of the logo which, coupled with the flowing lines of the typeface, gives a sense of motion to the logo without sacrificing the premium look.

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