Wanted fonts

image of the official Wanted fonts

Wanted fonts are reminiscent of old Western posters, often bringing to mind the imagery of outlaws, sheriffs, and frontier towns. Typically available in TTF and OTF formats, these fonts sport rugged, distressed elements, thick strokes, and an unmistakable vintage charm. They might feature irregularities, bold serifs, and occasionally shadow or 3D effects, reminiscent of the woodblock prints from the Old West. These typefaces evoke emotions of adventure, nostalgia, and a bygone era of lawlessness and grit. Perfect for thematic events, movie titles, or even themed parties and d├ęcor, our selection of wanted fonts will transport your designs straight to the heart of the Wild West. Dive into this collection and select a font that captures the frontier spirit for your next project.

preview image of the Brothers of Metal font
preview image of the Forced Reentry font
preview image of the DingTrek II font
preview image of the Pixel Icons Compilation font
preview image of the DigitalDrip font
preview image of the FunkyChip font
preview image of the Pixel Letters font