Willy Wonka font

image of the official Willy Wonka font

The Willy Wonka font that most resembles the one that was used in the original movie logo is a typeface of the same name called Willy Wonka SSP. It was in fact created by the font author Dennis Ludlow in 2001, and is distrubuted through his font foundry Sharkshock Productions. Dennis is a full-time designer of typefaces and currently lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina (USA). His font foundry (Sharkshock) specialises in font & graphic solutions, as well as travel photography. His Willy Wonka font is one of his most popular freeware typefaces that he has released to date, with over 3 million font downloads.

This font includes features from the official logo including backslash and slash charactes that are represented by candy canes. It’s important to note that not every uppercase letter has a little hat on it, but if you really do want this you can simply type an Asterix next to letter you want and it will be outputted for you. We’ve tried several other Willy Wonka replica fonts, and this is the one that most closely is aligned with the original. It comes highly recommended.

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About the Willy Wonka brand and font

Willy Wonka, the flamboyant and eccentric titular character of Road Dahl’s popular novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, is perhaps one of the most memorable fictional characters of all time. After his appearance in the 1964 novel, he returned in the sequel Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, and also makes appearances in the various film and musical adaptations of the novels. In film adaptations, Willy Wonka has been portrayed by superstars like Gene Wilder and Johnny Depp, who both succeeded in bringing to life this weird and wonderful character.


Willy Wonka font generator

Enter the sweet world of chocolate and candy with this font. Use our Willy Wonka Font Generator application to create a unique and compelling design that you can use on posters, graphics, cards, t-shirts ... if fact, anywhere that your imagination takes you. Enjoy!


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